Alabama Title Processing Information

 Where do I sign my Alabama vehicle title?:

  1. In the first section on the back of the title sign where it reads "Signature of Seller(s)".
  2. Print your name directly beneath your signature where it reads "Printed Name of Seller(s)"

Please refer to our sample title images, we've indicated on the image where you should sign.

How do I release my liability for the vehicle?:

  1. Before the vehicle is picked up you should remove your license plates.
  2. After the vehicle is picked up you must visit a local County License Issuing Office to turn the plates in or transfer them to another vehicle.

I'm the registered owner but I can't find my title:

If you are the registered owner and your title has been lost, stolen or damaged we'll need to come up with a duplicate Alabama Vehicle Title. There are two ways for us to go about this:


1. Need the vehicle picked up right away?  We can pickup your vehicle in Alabama without a title if you are the registered owner.  After the vehicle is picked up we will mail you the following documents for your signature.

  • Two generic Powers of Attorney to enable us to  apply for and transfer your replacement title. We will also need a letter of lien release if  applicable.

2. Alternatively you can apply for a duplicate title before your vehicle is picked up:

First download and fill out the Alabama Duplicate Title Application to apply for a replacement title. Either:

  • Mail the completed application to:
    Alabama Department of Revenue
    Motor Vehicle Division
    P.O. Box 327640
    Montgomery, AL 36132-7640

    Your title will arrive in the mail within 4-6 Weeks.
    Application Cost: $15

Is the owner of the vehicle deceased?:

Depending on the particulars of your case additional paperwork may be required, however these are the forms always required by the State of Alabama to transfer ownership of a vehicle whose owner is deceased.

  • In the case of a one owner death: You will need a copy of the death certificate, a notarized next of kin affidavit (MVT 5-6), and a properly signed title by the next of kin.
  • In the case of a probated estate: You will need a copy of the death certificate, notarized probate papers from the court/notarized will, and a properly signed title by the executor of the estate.

What about a vehicle that's been abandoned on my property?:

 In most cases we will be able to pick up the vehicle. If we need paperwork from you it will usually be in the form or your signature on a paper describing where the vehicle was left and your request for us to remove it.  Your city or county's specific regulations and the age of the vehicle influence how much paperwork is required.  We work with the best vehicle removal agencies around and pickup a high percentage of the abandoned cars we receive. While you will receive a tax receipt with your donation you should consult your tax adviser regarding the tax deduction on abandoned property.