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(877) 254-1743

Donate a Car without Title -- No Title, No Problem!

Lost Title?  Other Paperwork Problems?

Donate a Car 2 Charity can pick up car donations even without the Title in almost all States.  Call for more details on how our Title Solutions Department can help. 

Fast Pickup -- Often within 24 Hours

We pick up vehicle donations in all 50 States oiften within 24 hours, and we can provide expedited same day pickup.

Free Service -- absolutely no hidden costs!

We provide free towing and  there is absolutely no cost to you!

Donate Car and Maximize your Tax Deduction

We evaluate your donated car to determine your options and provide the best possible tax deduction. More Car Donation Tax Deduction info.

Courteous & Professional Car Donation Service

Your vehicle donation doesn't end the minute you hang up the phone or click the donate car button. Be assured that you'll receive excellent service throughout the process. You will receive a donation reference number when you donate your car and you'll be able to check for updates online or by phone.

(877) 254-1743
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