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Donating A Car For the 4th of July

It's almost Independence Day in America. What could be more patriotic, more independent, than asserting one's right to give to charity, receive a tax break, and help out a fellow American family in need? Our forefathers certainly would have agreed with donating a car to charity... if they had known about cars! They fought and died for our country to ensure that for generations thereafter, Americans would be free to live their lives as they desired. And if that included donating a car to charity, getting a little tax break, and helping their fellow Americans, so be it. I'm not trying to suggest that the 4th of July is about charity; it's not, but it is unequivocally about celebrating what makes the American people so unique and so independent. One of our greatest qualities - as anyone would agree, even the most staunch critics of our policies - is that we are a giving people, with a huge number of us regularly contributing to charity. 

Donating A Car Is Just Another Way

Donating a car is just another way to show appreciation for everyone else in this country. After all, we're all in this together, and helping each other out with a little donation is absolutely in step with the spirit of our nation. The great American tradition of charity is possibly the greatest aspect of our country... and on July 4th, this day of our independence, it has never been more fitting a time to engage in donating a car to charity.

Donating A Car For Independence Day
Donating A Car For Independence Day