Double Your Donation with Matching Partners

How it works

1. Search for your company in the form above.

2. Depending on your company’s policy, you will need to fill out an online or paper form. Include the following info below:

Charity name: Activated Ministries
EIN: 33-0857146
President: Thomas Hack

Look up your receipt here or
call customer service at 877-505-5775

Mailing Address
Activated Ministries
Attn. Matching Gifts
PO Box 462805
Escondido CA 92046-2805

3. Follow your company's instructions for submitting the form. They may have you submit it to them or to Activated Ministries

4. You are done! We take care of the rest. Your company will send its matching donation directly to Activated Ministries and your donation will have helped twice as many people.