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I know, I know. We hear about this quite often, actually, from our readers and our customers. You've had such great experiences donating your cars to charity that you're actually upset when you don't have a car to donate. Well, car donation in all respects should be the goal - even if you aren't the one donating it. That means that if you're feeling down or lousy because you've already done all the car donation you can, don't just sit there! Get up and convince someone else to donate their car to charity. As long as someone is contributing to the greater cause, good is being done. And hey, one the best things about car donation is the great feeling it gives you to help out a more unfortunate person, charity, or family. If you can't donate a car yourself, why not help someone else do it? You'll be reaching an identical end goal and you'll be helping out another person just the same.

Car donation is supposed to be about helping people. When you convince someone to donate a car by showing them the blog, telling them about the Donate A Car 2 Charity service, you are helping even more people than if you were to do the car donation yourself! The person you convince to become a donor gets the tax break and the satisfaction from helping someone, and the person or people who benefit from the car donation get the very tangible benefits. It's almost like you're making two car donations!

Next time you get the hankering for a car donation, talk to a friend, family member or co worker about donating a car to charity.

donate another car to charity
Got The Car Donation Blues?