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Can Car Donation Help Health Care Costs?

The current debate raging on around public health care seems to revolve around cutting costs. At first glance, this sounds like a noble pursuit. Who doesn't want to reduce costs? Lowering the price of health care will be a good first step toward making it more available to more people. But getting the insurance companies, the doctors' associations, and the bitter partisans in Washington to agree on something is a tall order; maybe a better way to increase our ability to pay for health care in the short term is to increase our money supply - or decrease our tax burdens. Car donation allows people to reduce their taxable income. When you don't have to pay as many taxes as you once did, you can put that money you save toward other, more important items - like health care premiums. Or if you don't want to put the saved money directly toward health care, at least you can spend money on healthier, organic food so you can stay healthy and avoid the doctor altogether.

Car Donation Puts The Power In Consumers' Hands

Consumers deserve choices. The importance of choices in health care is paramount and, as of right now, depends on the amount of money in a customer's wallet. Car donation can actually help augment that money by decreasing the end-of-year taxes that get taken out. With more money in hand, a consumer is free to choose what type of health care plan they're willing and able to purchase. We can't just wait for politicians to make a move, because they'll take forever. Car donation is simply a way for us to wrest back power and put more money in our wallets, right now.

Car Donation: Possible Health Care Parallels?
Car Donation: Possible Health Care Parallels?