Is Car Donation The Next Logical Step In The Green Movement?

Nowadays, kids in kindergarten are being taught to recycle. Everyone has two bins - one for trash and one for recycling. Multi-national corporations trade carbon credits and pay attention to the amount of greenhouse gases they're emitting into the atmosphere. Governments enforce the laws that regulate the carbon tax system. We just celebrated Earth Day, a day of recognition for the importance of following environmentally-sound practices. Going green has gone mainstream, and car donation is just another step in the ladder that ascends toward environmental harmony. When you decide to go ahead with car donation, you aren't just removing a dead car from your lawn, and you're not just helping those less fortunate than you via a charity; you're also recycling. You are taking the otherwise useless vehicle and turning it into something profitable. Rather than just sticking your old car in a landfill or a junkyard somewhere, where it'll just take up space and negatively impact the environment, you're actually finding an entirely new purpose for a previously useless material item. Car donation, therefore, is the very definition of recycling, except on a much grander scale that will have a much better effect. 

Go Green; Choose Car Donation 

Rather than simply letting your car rot on your property or junking it somewhere, why not do the environment - not to mention your wallet, too - a huge favor a go with car donation instead. With us, it's fast, painless, and completely free. You can rest assured that the charity we benefit is a worthwhile cause, and you can do it all in just a few easy steps. Just call us  or email us and we'll give you the lowdown. There's not much to tell, of course, except for that fact that you can handle all the arrangements over the phone or online and we'll take over from there. It's easy enough already, but even easier when you realize that you're helping the environment. Go green and go with car donation! 

Car Donation: The Next Green Revolution?