Car Donation Can Actually Ease The Situation When Jobs Are Being Lost

I know, I know - it sounds crazy. Just what does car donation have to do with job losses? If you look at the situation carefully and objectively, you'll find that the two are linked very closely. When job losses are high, car donation numbers can go in one of two ways. People will either start donating their junky cars that they never use in larger numbers in order to obtain the tax breaks, or they'll be even less likely to donate their still working cars because they need transportation in order to hunt for jobs, attend interviews, and get around town. So as job losses mount, car donation both increases and decreases. It's all in how you look at it, and which types of car donation incidences you're actually searching for.

Car Donation: Can It Ease The Pain Of A Lost Job?

I think it can, actually. Imagine it's tax time, and you're worried you're going to have to pay up a hefty set of taxes. That would be okay in regular, bountiful times, but right now it's terrible timing. You just lost your job. Your spouse's hours are being cut, so he or she isn't pulling their regular amount of weight anymore. And now you have to pay taxes. What if, a few months prior, you had decided to donate that old clunker collecting dust on your front lawn? Not only would you have gotten rid of a car that barely even works and that no one ever drives anymore, but you would have also offset your tax burden by engaging in a little tax-friendly car donation. The lesson is clear: if you have a car you're no longer driving, don't let it sit around and get in the way. Try car donation. Make the decision to plan ahead for tough times, because they can strike at the most inopportune moments.


Car Donation Offsets Job Losses