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You've probably noticed our latest trend: reader car donation experiences. We've recently decided to flood our blog with these, because some of us were worried we were getting too focused on the minutiae of the car donation experience, rather than the broad overarching real life experiences that real people felt. And hey - what better way to convey the true car donation experience than getting real feedback from an actual donor? If you dislike this new trend, don't worry: we will be going back to different topics eventually. For the time being, though, we plan on focusing on reader experiences. Just a small warning.

Lucy had a difficult time with her car donation. You know what her problem was? She forgot to do her research. For one, she never looked into the Blue Book value of her car, which was actually in great condition. She instead trusted her service provider to do all the work for her. People at car donation services are often overworked (especially in this economy) and unable to give their full attention to certain tasks. As a result, she missed out on a ton of tax breaks, simply because the worker messed up the appraisal value. An understandable mistake, but an avoidable one - provided you do your research. And then she forgot to have her papers in order. Some services are more lax than others, but this one in particular was not. She drove forty miles (another mistake; she should have found a donation service that picks up the car for you) only to be turned away for lack of paperwork.

We recommend you either do your research or go with a more forgiving car donation service - like us! Either way, though, do your research!

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Car Donation Experience, Again