Car Donation: Promoting Education By Donating Your Junk Cars

Donating your car to charity is so much more than just an easy way to move your old car off of your driveway.  More importantly, every time you donate your car to charity, you are providing charities with an avenue to support a variety of missions, programs and charitable works.

Take one of Activated Ministries’ latest collaborations with Arriba Las Manos’, a grass roots nonprofit organization whose mission is centered around the small island village of Ararca, Columbia. Ararca was founded over 200 years ago by runaway slaves and currently has a population of a little over 1200 people.  It has a 40% adult illiteracy rate, a whopping 40% unemployment and 99% of the population with no clean, running water, sewage facilities or phones lines. Less than 1% of the adult population have any college education or technical training and there are few educational opportunities for the children.

The volunteers who work with Arriba Las Manos are doing their best to improve the quality of life for the village of Ararca through a combination of humanitarian aid and by working to educate Ararca’s children and youth through a variety of educational and developmental programs.

In May, 2011, Activated Ministries was able to donate teaching aids, story books, educational and character developmental books and materials for use in the Ararca Project. This included the donation of teaching aids used to create educational kits for Kindergarten aged children and over 300 books and activity pages for Crecer con Valores, a character building program designed especially for children growing up in poverty stricken villages.

Part of Arriba Las Manos mission is to encourage education as a means of breaking the cycle of poverty.  Arriba Las Manos used English teaching materials donated by Activated Ministries to build a curriculum for their English Training Course where over 150 elementary school children are being taught a secondary language.  

This program is only one of many programs which has been made possible through contributions and donations to Activated Ministries and their car donation program.  If you would like more information on this or other missionary and volunteer programs which Activated Ministries supports in the US and abroad, please visit us at  You can donate your used vehicle or junk car by calling the number above or filling out our car donation form. 

Car Donation: Promoting Education By Donating Your Junk Cars