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Car Donation Makes Everyone Feel Good 

We've already covered the myriad ways car donation is a good thing for absolutely everyone involved - and not directly involved! For one, you're helping out a charity when you donate. Charities assist the less fortunate, those kids and families with less options and less food on the table. Without charity, a lot of these people would go hungry or get sick and die - and when you choose car donation, you are directly helping them. Car donation is also beneficial to whoever is donating the car - that's you! See, we will take almost any car you have, regardless of whether or not it's even mobile or functioning, and take it off your hands. That means that if you have a junker that you've been dying to get rid of for years, we will take it. It also means that we'll take newer models, too, but it isn't necessary. What's important is that we accept all cars and we can find a use for them. Whichever car donation you decide to go with, rest assured that you will be helping someone.

Car Donation Has Other Effects 

Okay, so car donation helps charities (and the people who benefit from them) and it helps you by taking an old car off your hands. That's obvious, but there are other reasons why car donation is the right thing to do. When you donate a car, you get a tax break. For many people, this is the main reason they opt for car donation. Depending on how much your car is worth, you might be able to get a nice chunk of change removed from your taxable income at the end of the tax season. Now, the older, junkier cars will obviously get you a lower tax break, but any measure of car donation will get you at least a little something at the end of the tax year. And don't forget that car donation is green. It's the extreme version of recycling. Instead of letting your old car rot in some junkyard or in a landfill somewhere, you will be putting your car to use by letting it work for other people. As the world becomes more and more populated with people of driving age, we're going to start seeing massive amounts of cars on the road - and abandoned. If everyone would do car donation, we could really mitigate some of the negative effects of widespread car ownership. 

Why Car Donation Is The Right Thing To Do
Why Car Donation Is The Right Thing To Do