Ready for the Car Donation Tax Deduction 2012 cutoff?

The holidays can be such a busy time with no time to stop, think or plan. Since the deadline for charitable tax deductions can sneak up on us, it's a good time now to plan for any 2012 charity donations you want to make for a 2012 tax deduction.

If you are planning to make a car donation this year, it's important to start early since donating a vehicle, unlike donating cash or other goods to your favorite local charity, is a process.  While that process is typically fast and easy, unforeseen delays can make you ineligible to claim a tax deduction for vehicle donations in 2012. So it's better to get started soon so there is plenty of time for the vehicle donation process to be completed before the end of the year.

Be sure to get your car donation receipt or find out from the charity how you will get this as this is one of the key pieces of documentation you need in order to secure your car donation tax deduction in 2012. Depending on whether your car is sold for over $500 or under, you will also get additional paperwork from the charity, however, this can be obtained at a later date.  

So, in the words of Benjamin Franklin, “Never leave till tomorrow which you can do today.” Go ahead and pick up your phone or submit the online form today and you can be assured that you've secured your vehicle donation tax deduction for 2012

Ready for the Car Donation Tax Deduction 2012 cutoff?