Car Donations Help Refugees in Gulu, Uganda

There are many good reasons to donate a car to charity, but one of the most rewarding ones is getting to see what is made possible by your donation.

Here, for example, is a brief glimpse at one of the projects Activated Ministries is able to sponsor as a result of the generosity of our car donors. Family Care Uganda's Project Gulu is an exciting and multi-faceted project:  First, is the just recently completed construction of a school to provide educational opportunities for hundreds of war orphans and their children. The second phase involves helping the local community and villages to become less dependent on foreign aid by helping to set up a large self-sustaining, income producing farm.

Project Gulu volunteers started out with 3 empty acres to work with. With rainy season right around the corner, they’ve been working around the clock over the past two months to build classrooms and staff housing. So far, they’ve built 3 school house blocks, each of which can hold 3 classes, and several houses for staff.

Small beginnings... 
These three empty acres will soon be developed into a school for orphans and children who have  suffered for years under Joseph Kony and his Liberation Army. 

In addition to the 9 classrooms, huts will be built to house the staff who runs the school.

Here is the foundation for the 3 school buildings, each of which will house 3 classrooms. 

After settling on a location and securing the land, Project Gulu began construction March, 2013. Rainy season starts in May, so it is a race against time to complete the roofing, plastering and painting on all the structures. 

Staff huts under construction. In this part of Uganda, because of the threat of LRA raids and violence, most of the huts and houses are built without windows for added security. 


Everyone pitches in to help get things done.  Here is the water and bricks team. In Uganda, young people are often part of the work force. Here they are helping to carry water and make bricks. Of course, this is a project they're excited about.  They'll soon have a new school, new uniforms and be getting an education.



Almost there! After two months, all three school buildings have the basic structures in place and roofing completed. Now, to finish up the plastering and other work to get them ready for use. 

A local Ugandan girl teaching Project Gulu Volunteer, Rajan, how to plaster. 


Staff housing is also nearly complete. The roofing may be made out of grass, but check out the detail and craftsmanship. 

This is FCU's Project Gulu latest project. To read more about their other projects which are at different stages of development, or to donate to Family Care Uganda - Project Gulu, click here. For more information on this and other projects made possible by donations of vehicles, cars and RVs, please visit


Car Donations Help Refugees in Gulu, Uganda