Get Your Car Ready For Spring and Summer

With all the beautiful spring weather coming our way, spring cleaning is right around the corner. While you’re busy sprucing up your home and planting those spring flowers, be sure your car gets some spring loving too. Here are a few tips to get your car cleaned up from the winter mess and ready for the warmer months to come.

Get that salt washed off

Depending on where you live, winter can be taxing on vehicles. If you live in an area with snow and ice, salt can take its toll on your vehicle cause rusting and corrosion if left too long. So, while you’re giving your car a good wash, really clean that undercarriage by hosing and spraying it down, or, if necessary, running the sprinklers under your vehicle to get those clean off those hard to get to spots.

Change out the wipers

Wipers are designed to be changed out every 6-9 months, so before all those April and spring showers hit, make sure those wipers are in tip top shape and your wiper fluid is topped up.

Other maintenance

Well maintained cars and trucks last a lot longer than those that get very little TLC. So why not use this opportunity to change out the filters, get the oil changed, make sure the fluids are topped up and the battery is in good, clean working condition.

Clean it out

With your home and yard all spruced up from that spring cleaning, take a few minutes to deep clean the inside of your car, getting all that trash and loose papers and odds and ends that get stashed under seats, in the glove compartment and in other nooks and crannies. Get it out of there and start with a freshly cleaned out vehicle.

Finally, if you’re ready for a whole, new fresh car and are considering moving on the old one, consider car donation as an alternative to trading your old vehicle in. An old vehicle might not seem that valuable in and of itself, but donated vehicles make a big difference in helping charities, like ours, provide support to worthy causes worldwide.  

To find out more about how to donate a car to charity, click here

Tips for Getting Your Car De-Winterized and Ready for Spring