Finding Ways to Give When You Have Less

In a downturn, it can sometimes be easy to forget about the poor. Being charitable during a recession takes a bit of creative thinking (like a car donation) but it can, and should be done. As nonprofits receive less in donations this year, it becomes even more important to help those less fortunate. It’s more difficult, but donations are needed even more during a recession.

Despite the economic downturn, people still have the capacity to make a difference. This slow economy has actually lead people to think more about their underlying values. They're starting to reevaluate the importance of what they're spending money on and what they are disposing.

How to be Charitable during a Recession

Donate Your Unused Goods

You would be surprised how much it helps to donate unused goods to charity. Get rid of your excess to help the success of a non-profit like, which is dedicated to making a difference in the world and changing things for the better. A car donation is a wonderful way to take something old and turn it into a new way of providing hope for those in need.

A car donation is just one way of giving away something for which you no longer have a need. You can even give travel awards away and many companies will donate the dollar value of your points to charity. You can also go through all of last year’s winter clothes. Do you have old sweaters, coats, boots, or other winter clothes that are no longer being used? Cities across the nation have plenty of programs that are in need of warm clothing for the winter season.

Whether it’s a car donation, donating travel awards or just cleaning out the closets and donating blankets and unused clothes, now is the time to give what you can.

Dwindling donations could be devastating, affecting the amount of resources available to people in need. Pledges drop just as needs increase. That is why it is important to find creative ways of giving during hard times. Whether it’s a car donation or simple a coat, every little bit counts. Now more than ever.

Charitable during a recession
How to be Charitable during a Recession