Disaster Relief in Japan Continues

While the attention of the world may have moved on to the latest disaster or unrest, survivors of the Japan Tsunami continue their struggle to piece their lives back together. Aid no longer flows in like it used to, volunteers don't come their way much anymore and large areas of their once thriving towns and villages are  ghost towns, either too contaminated to return to or because of a lack of funding and man power. That's what makes efforts like those of Project Phoenix so appreciated. Click here to get the latest updates on Project Phoenix's continued efforts to boost morale and lift spirits amongst these who continue to live with the effects of this major disaster. 

And remember, car donations designated to Japan Tsunami Relief continue to benefit survivors and make projects like this one possible. 

If you have the choice to sell or donate a car, here's an example of what becomes possible when choose to donate. 

Updates from Project Phoenix - Japan Earthquake Relief