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Donating a car can seem a daunting task. “When I donate a car, who takes care of all the paperwork?” you may ask. That’s a valid question, and the answer is that Donate A Car 2 Charity does, along with a little help from you. When you donate a car to charity we need one of two things from you, either the signed title of the vehicle or in absence of the car’s title your signature on the appropriate form authorizing us to take the car donation. You’ll also want to notify your state vehicle authority that you’ve donated your car; you’ll find details on how to do this and a wealth of other information broken down by state right here on our site. We’ll take care of the transfer of the title, as well as keeping detailed records of the donated car’s destination.

In just a few steps you’ll have all the information you need to donate a car. And of course if you still have questions about how to donate your car you’re welcome to give us a call at the toll free number listed above. If you want to donate a car but think your situation warrants special handling or is more complex, don’t worry. We’ve been receiving donated cars for 8 years now and chances are we’ve handled a situation like yours before. So call today before you donate a car to talk to one our experienced operators.

Through this generous act to donate a car you not only change your circumstances but those of another. For you the change comes by way of no longer having to deal with the car you just donated and a decent tax deduction receipt from us. For that other life you’ve changed you need look no further than our projects page at Activated Ministries. Every day we take the car you and other individuals donate and turn the proceeds into desperately needed materials and support to dedicated volunteers all over the globe. So Donate A Car today, it only takes a couple minutes, and it’s an action that literally will be felt around the world as well as right in your backyard.

donate a car change lives
Donate A Car - Change Two Lives