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This builds off of the last blog post, the one in which we suggested anyone wishing to donate a car to charity without actually having one available for donation could circumvent the limit by convincing someone else to donate a car instead. Today, we'll look at some simple, basic methods for convincing those skeptical people in your life of the benefits of donating a car to charity. 

1. Be A Living Example Of Success

The surest way to convince someone that what you're doing is the right way is to be incredibly successful. You can't argue with results, and being happy, having money, and actively showing that your decision to donate a car to charity was the right one is the best way to convince someone else to donate a car, too.

2. Show Them the Ropes

People are by nature unsure of themselves. They are content to languish in the background and let things come to them, rather than seize life by its throat and make something happen. You, however, are not. You decided to donate a car to charity, and now you want other people to have the same experience. Well, without showing them how to do it themselves, most people simply won't get up and learn the ropes. You're going to have to show them the ropes, which brings us to the last tip...

3. Direct Them to the Website!

You've tried telling them just how easy it is to donate a car to charity, and they either don't believe you or they're too lazy to find out for themselves. Rather than make a big presentation with cue cards, Powerpoint, and graphs, just direct them to our website. We have all the info anyone would ever need to get started on the path to donate a car to charity, neatly packaged and ready to go at the drop of a hat. 

 Good luck!

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