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Donate A Car So You Can Get A Brand New One

Donate a car in order to get a brand new car? How does that work, exactly? Well, I'm sure we've all been there. We've all looked at everyone else driving brand new cars while we're stuck with some old one that, while definitely operational, just doesn't get us excited. Admit it! We all like new cars. They're exciting, fresh, fast, and fun to drive. But they're also rather expensive, and, with the economy the way it is today, it's hard to pinch enough pennies in order to get money to buy one. If you donate a car, an old car that still works but that you don't have much use for, you can get a big, nice tax break that will help you save money for a big future purchase. A big future purchase like, perhaps, a brand new car! Just make sure that when you do donate a car you're maximizing the value of it. You can donate a junker, but you won't get nearly as big of a tax break, so be aware of that.

Donate A Car And Get Free Money

When you donate a car, you don't have to spend a dime. We here at Donate A Car 2 Charity will simply handle everything; we'll come pick it up and all you need to do is make the decision, make a call, and sign some papers. Best of all, there are no hidden fees and no fine print. Call us, we come to you, give us the car and sign it over to us, and we give you the paperwork you need to file your tax claim. Sounds pretty easy, right? It is. It's easier than you think. So, next time you're thinking about buying a brand new car, look around at your own cars. If you decide to donate a car, you can probably get a nice chunk of money in the form of a tax break that can go towards helping you buy that car. See you! 

Donate A Car And Get Closer To A New One
Donate A Car And Get Closer To A New One