Donate a Car to Help Fund College Scholarships

One of the programs made possible through our car donation program is the  "In Recognition of Service" scholarship program, designed to provide scholarships to the children of long time volunteers, humanitarian aid workers and missionaries around the world. To date, we have sponsored hundreds of these college scholarships to qualifying individuals who may otherwise not have been able to afford a college education. Here is a letter we recently received from a two-time IROS scholarship recipient. We thought you would appreciate hearing how your small deeds of kindness in the form of vehicle donations are affecting lives around the globe. Thank you for choosing to donate a car which is helping us make a difference! 

"Dear Activated Ministries team,

My name is Teresa. You might remember me, as I´ve requested the IROS scholarship twice before and am very, very thankful to your support through my studies as I work towards completing a graduate degree in International Studies.

As an interpreter, I meet people from all over the world and am involved in multilateral negotiations, international mergers, and a variety of debates on current affairs. My studies have helped to give me the wider perspective on business, development, and globalization needed for my work and has such been an important key to professional growth.

Two years ago I opened a translation and simultaneous interpretation company in Colombia. I will not lie in saying that it has been easy. I´m afraid working and starting a company while simultaneously studying a career and being responsible for a non-profit and island library will never be easy. However I do what I can and am pleased to say that so far so good.

In my last letter to Activated Ministries I mentioned that our family´s small non-profit had a dream project of opening a library in a remote village on the island of Barú: Ararca. We saw it as an alternative to the children of Ararca spending huge amounts of time on the street—sometimes dancing for passing cars in exchange for a few coins—and an opportunity for fun, education, and opening up their eyes to the world and the possibilities around them (as of 2011, in the village of Ararca, 40% of the population cannot read and write and its very rare to find a book at home).

Early last year this dream became a reality and the first-ever library of Ararca opened its doors. It´s been open since then from Monday through Friday and the children that visit (200 every week on average) are cared for by a lovely librarian that we´ve hired to help cultivate their interest in reading and discovering, as well as to support them with their homework. She has also taught two 5th graders how to read who hadn´t had the opportunity to do so earlier. I´m proud to be part of this project.

My studies are gratifying in themselves and, additionally, I believe they allow me to grow professionally as well as carry out more mindful social work. I’m very thankful for the support I´ve received from you this far and any and all continued support is much appreciated. 

Yours sincerely,

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*All vehicle donations made to Activated Ministries through Donate a Car 2 Charity are tax deductible. 


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donate car for scholarships
Donate a Car to Help Fund College Scholarships