What to Look for in a Charity when You Donate a Car

Four Quick Tips when You Donate a Car

You’ve decided to donate a car to charity because you want to get into the spirit of giving. When you choose a charity or cause to donate a car to, you need to make sure that you are giving a legitimate organization as well as one that will use the money from the sale of your car for a cause you believe in. It is your car that you are giving, so you should be sure that the charity or cause support your beliefs when you donate a car. 

How to Choose a Charity When You Donate a Car

  • Determine which charity or cause that you want to donate a car to. When you donate a car, do you want the proceeds to go to a Christian Organization that have active ministries throughout the world which help the needy, or do you want the proceeds to go to your local children’s hospital? Research the charity to decide if this is a cause you want to donate to.
  • Make sure that the charity you are giving to is legitimate. There’s nothing worse than feeling ripped of when you are trying to donate a car to a good cause. An easy way to do this is make sure it is to donate an organization with a solid track record that has been in business for some time. You can always check with your state to see if they are registered as a nonprofit or make sure they are registered with the IRS.
  • Verify that you are donating through a person who works with the organization. Contact the organization and donate a car directly to them or verify that the person who has contacted you is a legitimate representative of the organization they are claiming to represent.
  • Lastly, if you decide to donate on the Internet, make sure that you use a secure connection. You also need to make sure that the site is legitimate. A lot of the information you are providing is personal and you want to ensure the site is safe.

It’s great that you want to donate a car to charity, but it will feel even better when you know that it goes to a cause you support.

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