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Donate A Car To Help Others

When you decide to take the plunge and donate a car to charity, you should do so with the secure knowledge that you will be helping a family in desperate need of assistance. Your donation isn't just about getting you the tax break you want and the tax break you deserve; it's also about assisting your fellow man, woman, or child in these difficult, frankly bleak economic times. Parents are losing jobs left and right, kids are being pulled out of school to help raise money for the family, and families are going hungry and going without the ability to get transportation. Donate a car and you can actually provide that mode of transportation to a need family. The parents will be able to get to and from work while dropping the child off at school, and this will have a net beneficial effect on the entire economy. Divided we fall, united we stand.

Donate A Car Today

Okay. Maybe you don't have a car ready to be donated. That's fine. But you might know someone in the same predicament, someone who wants to help out but they don't quite know how to make the first step, someone who has an old car they never drive anymore that would be perfect for donation. If you can get them to donate a car today, you will have achieved the same thing as if you were to donate the car yourself. Talk to your friends and family. Ask around. Someone probably has an old junker they're no longer driving, and everyone could always use an extra tax break. Donate a car today or find someone who can.

Donate A Car To Help A Family
Donate A Car To Help A Family