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Donate A Car And Clean Up Your Yard     

We all have that one house in our neighborhood that's got broken down cars in various states of disrepair littering the lawn. Old Harleys that the owner's been fixing for years; an old Trans Am sitting on blocks still waiting for that one last paint job. Are you that person? Do you have junkers clogging up your yard and creating an eyesore visible from a mile away? Don't be. Instead, donate a car today and get a head start on cleaning up your yard and improving the neighborhood's image. When you live in a community, in a neighborhood, you have an obligation to your neighbors to help preserve and promote community harmony. When you donate a car that's been lowering property values all over, you do everyone a service: you, your family, and the other homeowners. Plus, it's just really ugly, and who wants an ugly old car sitting in their lawn?

 There's Also the Whole "Donate" Part of "Donate A Car"

There's also that often-ignored other aspect that comes into play when you donate a car: the charity that the proceeds of your donation will benefit! While we do tend to forget about donating a car, when we do donate a car we tend to do it for the reasons listed above. Either we want to get rid of an old ugly car that's been cluttering our yards, or we do it to benefit our neighbors (who enjoy the increased property values that come with a nice-looking neighborhood). But what about the real beneficiaries of the donated car? What about those underprivileged kids and families who receive aid from the proceeds of the car you just donated? Don't forget about them. They're the real reason DonateACar2Charity even exists, and they're the only real reason it's a great idea to donate a car to charity.  

Donate A Car Today
Donate A Car Today