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Just Bought A Car? Donate A Car, The Older One

When you buy a new car, or even a used one, what do you usually do with your older one? Unfortunately, most people just sell the old one, usually for a pittance. They're so caught up with having a new car that they don't give any thought to their older one, and intrepid buyers can just snatch it up for a fraction of the actual value. You get careless when you have new merchandise, and that's when you get taken advantage of by swindlers and cheaters. Rather than forget all about your old car and let it go for next to nothing, why not donate it? When you donate a car to charity, you still get financial incentives - tax breaks - and you're helping out the less fortunate. When you sell a car after buying a new one, you're just letting some sneak come and get it - and you're probably not getting what it's worth!

Donate A Car To Charity Instead

When you donate a car instead of selling it, you can help out a family in need. Whoever buys the car from the charity will be getting a great deal, and the charity will make all the profit and be able to fund its operations even further. For the cost of donating your car (absolutely nothing, if you use DonateACar2Charity.com!), you will help at the very least two sets of needy people: the people who buy your car from the charity and the charity who receives the proceeds from the sale of your old car. Plus, you get a nice tax break to help ease any financial difficulties you may be suffering. To donate a car is to do the right thing, whether you're doing it for the tax break or to help out other people. Even the most selfish person stands to gain when he or she decides to donate a car.

Donate A Car When You Get A New One
Donate A Car When You Get A New One