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Donating a car as a cost-saving measure simply cannot be ignored. For a family who's trying to save money in order to pay for their health care, their food bills, their children's private school tuition, or anything at all, donating a car to charity can positively impact the situation. First of all, the tax break you receive for donation can offset a lot of the costs an average family incurs throughout the course of a year. You can put that tax break into savings, use it to pay off bills, or just take your family out on a lovely vacation in order to reduce stress, increase happiness, and build family bonds. But that's not all - donating a car to charity can also help you in other ways.

Donating A Car For A More Efficient One

Oftentimes, a family will donate a car to charity because they're planning on purchasing a newer one. Most cars these days have better gas mileage, so it's a pretty good chance that a family who is donating a car to charity will in turn be purchasing or leasing a car that gets better mileage. Better mileage means you're filling up your gas tank far less often. Filling up your gas tank less allows you to save extra money that can go toward health care premiums, grocery store bills, or tuition bills.



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Donating A Car And Your Budget