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Donating A Car Is One Way To Do Your Part

Times are extremely tough. Jobs are being lost left and right. Real estate prices are dropping precipitously. You may even be out of work or feeling the noose tightening around your neck, but that doesn't mean it's not a good time to think about donating a car to charity. In fact, in a difficult economy, charities require even more help. Most charities service the needy. In a poor economy, the needy are even needier. You may think you have it bad, with cutbacks at your job or a smaller bonus this year, but what about the family who has nothing at all. What about the family who can't even feed themselves for lack of money? In times like these, donating a car is more important than ever. We need to help our fellow man out as best we can, and donating a car is actually one of the easiest, most painless ways to do that.

Donating A Car Is Easier Than Giving Cash 

Nobody expects anyone to give up their hard earned money to charity when they're just scraping by. That isn't realistic. But what we can do is thinking about donating a car instead. The right charities can turn that old junker into money - into cold hard cash that will go to help out a needy family or individual. That way, donors don't have to worry about scraping enough money together to give to charity; instead, they can simply donate their old used car. Another perk - besides simple altruism - is that donating a car to charity allows you to receive tax breaks. Depending on the quality and condition of the car in question, your tax break can either be large or small. Regardless of the condition, you will get something for your trouble. 

Donating A Car Makes A Big Difference In This Economy
Donating A Car Makes A Big Difference In This Economy