Donating A Car Is Easy

You may not know this (although you should if you've been keeping up with our blog!), but donating a car has been made easier than ever thanks to the simple three step process we've laid out on our website. See, a common deterrent for some people was the hassle they envisioned when they imagined donating a car to charity. Even the tax benefits you get when you do donate a car aren't always enough motivation. People nowadays are busy; they have little to no free time, and the prospect of arranging a pickup for your car and waiting around for it to happen seems like it would take forever. Whether it's bad memories of waiting in line forever just to donate some clothes to a consignment shop or the knowledge that government red tape usually makes like this laborious and slow-moving, a lot of people assume that donating a car is more trouble than it's worth.

Car Donation Is No Trouble And It's Worth What Little It Is

It's really quite easy. If you want to go about donating a car, all you have to do to start the process is make a phone call. That's it. Either give us a call or contact us online and notify us that you're interested in donating a car to charity. Once you get the first step out of the way, the rest falls into place. After we receive your call or your online form, we come to you and pick up your car, free of charge. You do nothing but give us the keys and the permission to take your car. The last step is the best one... you get a tax deduction! Just make sure to review the current tax laws to ensure you're processing your claim correctly. Other than that, it's all easy! You get rid of a car you weren't even using and get a tax deduction in the process, while the car you just donated goes to benefit the charity of your choice.

Who ever thought donating a car could be so easy?

Donating A Car Made Easy
Donating A Car Made Easy