How to Know When it's Time to Buy a New Car.

1. Maintenance and repairs are costing you more than the car is worth! Your car's milleage is creeping up and then you have to replace the alternator, then a new transmission and not even a couple months go by when your mechanic has diagnosed another problem and you're looking at another large mechanics bill. We've all been there but it's time to learn when to say goodbye to your old car and save money in the long run by buying a new one. 

2.  Your car has finally bit the dust. Well, this one's obvious. But before you put yourself in the position of having to shop QUICK for a new car because you can't be without one and your car just suddenly died, learn to notice the warning signs of impending car death so you can more easily make the transition. 

3. There have been changes in your life, for example a new baby and your current car is not going to cut it space wise. Or, you've just recently started a business which requires you to have to haul equipment and you need a truck to be able to do that. Whatever the case may be, if your car no longer meets your needs then it's time to buy a new one. 

So when you've come to this point where it's time to part with your old car, consider giving it away to a needy cause! You can donate your car to Donate a Car 2 Charity and receive the maximum tax deduction, a free vacation voucher and an easy, hassle-free experience. 

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Buy a New Car
Lets face it, for most of us it's not exactly easy or fun to have to shell out for a new car but the reality is that our circumstances are regularly changing, not to mention the fact that all things eventually deteriorate and need replacing whether we like it or not. Here are a few reasons it may be time to get a new car: