Choosing a Charity: Car Donation for Non-Working or Junk Cars

Which Charities Accept Car Donations for Junk Cars

Perhaps you have a car in your possession that has stopped running and has been taking up space in your driveway or garage for just a little bit too long. If so, car donation just may be the solution for you. It may not be worth it to you to get it fixed, but it could benefit somebody in need. Instead of letting it sit and rust, you can turn it around to help someone less fortunate when you choose car donation. 
Charities such as Donate A Car 2 Charity accept non-working or junk cars as long as they are valued at more than the administrative and towing cost. When you choose car donation, your car can be sold at auction, repaired and given to a needy family or sold for parts and scrap metal. No matter what happens, car donation is a better choice than letting your old car rust in the driveway! There are many choices in charities – to narrow the process down for you – here is a quick guide to determining whether to use a charity for car donation.

A Guide to Car Donation Charities: The Basics about Charities that Accept Junk Cars

  • Determine whether the Charity will even accept your car. Once you locate a charity that accepts donated non-working cars, you need to see if they will accept your. Sometimes a car is not valued high enough and will end up costing the charity money.
  • Confirm with the Internal Revenue Service that the charity is registered with them as a charity, and that they are actually eligible to take donations of used cars. If they are registered with the IRS, then you will not be able to make a tax deduction.
  • Get a written receipt. Make sure the receipt includes the charity's name, address and tax I.D. number. It's a good idea to take a photo of the car before it's donated.
  • If the car is not drivable, make sure your charity of choice will pick it up for you. Many charities who work with car donations are contract with towing companies to get non-working cars delivered to them. Car donation shouldn’t cost you anything at all.

Once you find a charity that accepts junk car donation, that charity will be able to walk you through the rest of the process.

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