I've always loved that Nike slogan "Just Do It!" We all have dreams, goals and ideas that we'd like to make happen, but it's human nature to question our abilities, to doubt ourselves and to procrastinate. Of course we can't and shouldn't try to start every idea or dream that we have because that would be unrealistic, but once we've decided that there is something we must do either because we have that gut feeling that our idea is a winner or  it's something important for us to do such as exercising for the sake of our health, then we have to dig in and "Just Do It!" We may not get it exactly right the first time but as we keep going and don't give up, our dreams will become reality and our goals will be reached! Acheiving something and experiencing that feeling of success often creates a ripple effect, giving us renewed confidence that we can continue to acheive our goals if we don't quit and Just Do It!

Just Do It
Stop Talking About it and Just Do It!