May News from the Bush

When you have 200 children and counting, life WILL be exciting! However, tack on to that living in the volatile region of Gulu, Northern Uganda, and you can take that up another 10 notches.

Catch the latest updates just in from the FCU School in Gulu, Uganda. Students are back from school break and ready for a new school term. They've had some new arrivals in the past month which has them bursting at the seams and in need of a new dorm. Rainy season is in full swing which brings it's own set of challenges such as malaria. But, in spite of all this, the Gulu team keeps plugging along. The farm is producing, the children are getting 3 meals a day and have a safe, dry place to live. They are making progress scholastically and passing the tests for their grade levels. Every day is still a miracle of protection and providence, however, the kids are thriving and growing every day.

All of this and more is made possible every time you choose to donate either financially or by a vehicle donation. If you'd like to donate a car to a specific project, such as this one, give us a call and we'll point you in the right direction. If you would like to help the FCU School in any other way, likewise, let us know and we'll pass on your offer. 

Thanks for choosing to donate a car and the difference you are making by doing so. 

May News From The Bush