Oh, The Places You Will Go!

If you just finally decided it wasn’t worth it to repair the old clunker anymore and donated the old car to Donate a Car 2 Charity, guess what? The car donation process is only the beginning of a new life for your old car. Whether your old junker sells for scrap or gets auctioned off,  the proceeds from the sale of the car get passed on to the charity and keep going on from there.

Scholarships: A college student could be the lucky beneficiary of a scholarship thanks to the proceeds from an old car donated to charity.  Our college scholarship fund is making it possible for hundreds of qualifying students around the world to further their dream of getting a degree and becoming skilled in the field of their choice. Between 2010 and Spring of 2014, over $250,000 in scholarships has been awarded to qualifying recipients. So, by choosing to donate a car instead of scrapping it or trading it in, you make it possible for us to fund our In Recognition of Service Scholarship program.

A Place to Call Home: There is a beautiful little school in the North of Uganda where over 200 Gulu children, most orphaned or from families who couldn’t take care of them, spend their days, studying, playing and tending to a farm – all built with funds from sponsors and car donors like you.  The vision for the Family Care Uganda school began with one woman, with the backing of dedicated locals and funding from sponsors and vehicle donations. Together they took a bare 15 acre piece of land and turned it into a learning center and boarding house with 9 classrooms, dorm rooms, staff huts, a kitchen, bathrooms, a food producing farm and, more recently, a library where these beautiful children are gaining an education, a safe place to live and 3 good meals a day.

Teaching Values to Indian Children: Finally, your old car could be the final donation making it possible for us to donate yet another "values-based" library to a children’s home, school or other childcare facility in India. The Values In Education program was created by Mark and Carina Hansen, who, in the course of their missionary work in India, discovered a lack of materials to teach kids morals and values in the facilities they visited. To fill the void, they created a "values-based curriculum and library" and a program to teach educators, teachers and parents how to best utilize the library. As money is raised to sponsor more libraries, Mark, personally delivers the library to the selected school, preschool, children’s home, community center or other child care facility.  As of 2014, 17000+ children have benefited from the libraries donated throughout India.

These are just a few of the places the proceeds from your old car may end up.  Old cars and donated vehicles are having an impact all over the world, changing lives through education, humanitarian aid, missionary efforts and social programs making donating your vehicle to charity the gift that keeps on giving. 

IROS Scholarship Application, March 13, 2013 TRS2013-001
Old Car, New Life