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Activated Ministries’ Youth Development Program has recently begun to work with several the orphanages south of Ensenada, Mexico. They have developed a six month program which aims to teach the young people and children in these orphanages character building principles such as motivation, making good choices, the importance of a positive outlook and self esteem. These weekly programs consists of one and a half hour classes, packed with power points, video clips, and fun interacting activities to reinforce the principles that are being taught in each lesson. Each lesson also includes assignments and homework that must be completed before the next class. As this program continues to grow, Activated Ministries plans to incorporate a variety of activities such as a first aid training course with the local Red Cross, dinners out which will focus on teaching social etiquette, and recreational camps and excursions for the children and youth.

You can support this and other Activated Ministries Projects through contributions or by your car donations to Donate a Car 2 Charity. Thank you for helping us make this world a better place one mission at a time.

Car Donations Fund Youth Programs in Ensenada, Mexico