Summer Maintenance for Your Car

Summer is officially here! As the weather heats up and we prep for that summer road trip, prevent breakdown, blow outs and delays by taking a little time to be sure your car is roadworthy. Here are a few car maintenance tips and things to check before you set out.

-- Check your battery. If there's too much corrosion or dirt on the battery, it can inhibit the flow of current and your battery may die when you need it most. Keep it cleaned off and, if it's the type that needs to be topped off, keep distilled water handy.

-- Salt, dirt and extreme heat can damage your car's paint and exterior. Wash your car at least once a week if it's needed to keep it looking good.

-- Check your radiator and coolant levels. Coolant should be changed once a year, so if you haven't changed it out recently, this is a great time to get it done. You need your radiator working well if you're going to be on the road in the heat. And remember, if your car does overheat, don't unscrew the cap until it cools down. 

-- Do a quick visual check (or have it done by your local mechanic) of your belts and hoses. You're looking for bulges or cracks. It's so much easier to get the belt or hose replaced at your convenience instead of dealing with a breakdown on the road.

-- Check your tire pressure and do a visiual inspection of the tires to make sure they look road worthy. Heat causes the pressure in tires to expand, so be sure you check the pressure when it's cold. Blowouts are generally caused by tires with the incorrect pressure, so it's important to get this right.  If you haven't had your tires rotated in the last 6 months, this is a good time to get it right.

--Keep an case of water in the back of your car -- just in case you do suffer a breakdown or delay of any sort. 

Once the car is ready for the road, we at Donate a Car 2 Charity hope you thoroughly enjoy your summer vacation!

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How to Get Your Car Ready for Summer!