Tips for Keeping Older Cars Safe on the Road

If you have got an older car and need help finding cheaper ways to keep it road worthy, check out this video clip by ABC News - Money entitled "Ways to Keep an Aging Vehicle Safe." Between sites that help you find free fixes for cars of certain years, makes and models and apps that allow you to compare quotes from mechanics, car owners can extend the life of their older vehicles while saving a little money in the process.

Of course, once your vehicle gets to a point where it's not worth fixing, choosing to donate the vehicle to charity not only helps the charity further it's mission, but you also makes you eligible for a valuable car donation tax deduction which can save you money come tax time. For more information on how to donate a car or to find out how the tax write off works, call us at 877-505-5775.

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How To Keep Your Older Car Roadworthy