Can Flood Damaged Cars Be Donated?

If you have a vehicles which has been damaged or totaled in a flood and are trying to figure out what to do with it, why not donate it charity? Selling a flood damaged or salvage car has it's challenges, which is one reason why many car owners prefer to donate submerged vehicles to charity. If a car has sustained water damage or has been through a flood, finding car buyers who are willing to take on a car with a whole slew of potental problems. You may end up having to sell the car for rock bottom prices and go through a lot of hassle in the process. Instead, when you donate flood vehicles, the car goes to auction or salvage and you can claim a tax deduction for the amount it sells for. Car donation charities appreciate donations of vehicles in all types of conditions, and even provide a free tow for your flood car donation.  

How to Donate a Flood Car