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Getting Ready for The End of the Year Tax Deadline!

Mark your calendars!  It's coming soon. The deadline to donate a car and receive a tax deduction is December 31st at midnight if you plan to claim it on the current year’s tax return. Of course, waiting until the last minute is not recommended. If you have a vehicle you plan to donate, go ahead and get the process started now so you have everything squared away and the tax receipt in hand.

Can Flood Damaged Cars Be Donated?

Flood Cars

If you have a vehicles which has been damaged or totaled in a flood and are trying to figure out what to do with it, why not donate it charity? Selling a flood damaged or salvage car has it's challenges, which is one reason why many car owners prefer to donate submerged vehicles to charity. If a car has sustained water damage or has been through a flood, finding car buyers who are willing to take on a car with a whole slew of potental problems. You may end up having to sell the car for rock bottom prices and go through a lot of hassle in the process.